Saturday, October 31, 2015

Casady Cans Do - Students Against Hunger Food Drive 2015

Thank you Casady Cyclones and Families for an amazing way to help the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma take a bite out of hunger!

Casady Canned Food Drive_PD Wagons

Casady's Cans Do Canned Food Drive has been a fantastic success this week with all divisions participating in Casady's Students Against Hunger. Freshmen led this community service project with help from the Upper Division and Youth Active in the Community (YAC) club members. The can and cash donation count at the end of the day Friday was equal to 14,014.5 cans of food. Donations are made up of canned food as well as cash, where $1.00 equals six cans. Breaking it down, Casady families donated 6,376 cans of food and $1,037. Mrs. Clay reported the results from each of the divisions:
  • Primary Division: 456
  • Lower Division: 6.531.5; Fourth Grade brought the most cans
  • Middle Division: 1,609; Woolsey House brought the most cans
  • Upper Division: 5,418; Juniors were the overall winner
View photos from the week and detailed results of Casady's 2015 Students Against Hunger Canned Food Drive at Upper Division students walked with the Primary Division students with wagons filled with cans to deliver them to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma truck that visited the School.

To close hunger awareness week, there is another opportunity to volunteer at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma on Saturday, Oct. 31 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Volunteers may register on the Food Bank Volunteer website and are asked to bring their permission slips with them. Parents are also welcome in this side-by-side community service activity. Mrs. Clay will be on site with the Casady students.

Monday-Friday Results

14,014.5 cans + cash ($1=6 cans)
                               ($ 1062.81 x 6) 

Cash: $1,062.81     =   6,376.86 cans
Cans:                           7,637. 64 cans
Total Cans:                 14,014.5

PD: 456  

The Walk of Hope   
Primary delivers donations to Food Bank Trailer.  Freshmen students thank donors with "Lend a can" stickers designed by sophomores Mariam and Safra Shakir.

2701.5 + 3830 Friday =  6531.5

1st grade:    554
2nd grade:  1,151
3rd grade:     876
4th grade    1,249

797 + 812 Friday = 1,609

148 (Kelly)  
173 (Martin)  
313 (Woolsey)  
178 (Talbert)  

UD:                      5,418   

Juniors:                 2289 cans and $  Challenge and overall winner
Freshmen:             1814 cans and  $  Challenge winner
Seniors:                 1050 cans and  $
Sophomores:          265 cans and  $                                         

Follow the history of the drive HERE 

Monday, October 26, 2015

October Volunteering

Saturday, October 24th, Make a Difference Day
Helpers at Twirling Competition

Helpers at City Care: Homeless Feeding with Mayflower Church

Food Donations arrived

Volunteer Shift;  Drinks for average 250 people

Volunteer Shift: Dessert for 250 people

Fruit snacks before the meal

Clothing and pets food giveaway before the meal

Meal Preparation and Serving line team

Salad Bread and Chicken Enchiladas

Friday, October 23, Service Double
Food Drive Helpers:  Finishing Money Collection boxes

Breaking popcorn and grapes with BELIEF episode, The Seekers

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jaume Plensa Sculpture to be Dedicated on Monday, October 26, 2015
Jaume Plensa Sculpture at Casady School

Jaume Plensa's sculpture, Marrakech's Soul, near the Founder's Memorial of St. Edward's Chapel, will be dedicated on Monday, Oct. 26, during a special service at 5:00 p.m. Mr. Plensa, a Spanish artist, hand-assembled this piece from die-cut stainless steel letters of international alphabets, including Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, and Chinese, to form a kneeling human figure.

“This sculpture, by the world renowned Spanish artist, Jaume Plensa, is especially important to Casady’s deep belief in the importance of a truly exceptional education for our youth” said Mr. Sheldon. “Oklahoma City continues to receive national attention for its strong growth and was recently named ‘as one of the top 10 cities to move to in 2015.’ This world class sculpture fits perfectly with our city’s aspirations and vision for future growth.”

Mr. Plensa has sculptures displayed at locations around the world including The Crown Fountain, which was unveiled in Chicago’s Millennium Park in 2004 and one of his largest projects. Installed in cities in Spain, France, Japan, England, Korea, Germany, Canada, USA, etc., these pieces have won many prizes and citations, including the Mash Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture, which the artist received in London in 2009 for his work Dream. A very significant part of Mr. Plensa’s work is in the field of sculpture in the public space. Another one of Mr. Plensa's works, which is displayed at MIT, was featured this fall on the cover of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“Jaume Plensa is one of the world’s most celebrated contemporary artists,” said Oklahoma City Museum of Art President and CEO E. Michael Whittington. “To have a major public sculpture of this caliber in our community is an enormous asset.”

Mr. Plensa's figurative and text-based sculptures, often called “souls,” explore ideas of spirituality, beauty, and the deeply connected relationship between humanity and language. As Mr. Plensa has said, “Like the cells in our body, letters are small particles charged with memory which, with others, create words. Words, which in turn, combine successively to develop and communicate the universe of knowledge."

Marrakech’s Soul was a gift to Casady School by an anonymous donor.
"Casady's Cans Do" Canned Food Drive
Casady Cans Do Canned Food Drive 2015
By Grace Patton '17

The annual Casady Against Hunger Food Drive will be held next week Oct. 26-30. Help Casady take a bite out of hunger this year. You can help by bringing canned goods such as canned meat, vegetables, fruit, or peanut butter to your child's division. Casady's goal is to collect 1,500 cans this year for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Are you too busy? We get it! It has been a hectic fall. You can also help the canned food drive by donating money. For every $1 donated, five meals will be provided for hungry Oklahomans. All of the donations will help local Oklahomans, and you can help be a Hunger Hero! Remember, no gift is too small, and every little contribution helps. Make this a year to be proud of with Casady Against Hunger Food Drive 2015!

Upper Division students will be outside each of the divisions during morning carpools to accept donations - both cans and monetary - and to help direct the younger children to the collection boxes!