Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cyclone/Chargers Boys vs. Cyclones/ Chargers Girls Diaper Tower Competition

Tower Competition Diapers @ ICS

Casady School: 9, 934 diapers

  Heritage Hall: 12,019 diapers

  Total: 21,953 diapers for ICS

Before Casady vs. Heritage Basketball Games


Casady's Donations

Counting Heritage Donations!


The Tower Building Teams:  Girls vs. Boys


10 minutes: Ready! Set! Go!

Tallest, Most Creative Tower!



Last minute donations!!!






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-National Random(Intentional) Acts of Kindness Week, February 10-16
-New organization:  (http://www.5thbridge.org/raok).  
Random Acts of Kindness Foundation  http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/rak-week;
International Kindness Team http://compassiongames.org/compassion-games/secret-agent/ (Secret Agents of Compassion)

-February is Black History month (http://smithsonianeducation.org/heritage_month/bhm/

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mercy School Institute Invitation to Casady Cyclones

Mercy School Institute invites Cyclones to consider attending an interative workshop about Hijab at the 5600 NW 122  NW Library, Conference Room B, 3:00 PM-5:30 PM on Saturday, February 1, 2014.  To RSVP contact 405-606-3580 or email: whd.okc@gmail.com

SEE Period Service: 7th Grade @ Quail Creek Nursing Center

 7th Grade Community Experience

Students enjoyed visiting residents and reading them their story books.  Residents were delighted to have young visitors.   Grade 7th students created a "Wordle" with adjectives about their experience.  Mrs. Omelia

Slide Show at https://drive.google.com/a/casady.org/folderview?id=0B7431J95O_PKUGd5NFJWWjJ6cEU&usp=sharing.  Pictures by Ms. Briana Titus.  Pictures from our SEE Period trip to Quail Creek Nursing Center. The seventh grade students read the storybooks they created for Ms. O'Melia's English class to some of the people living in the center. Both the students and their listeners were moved to tears at times and a number of our kids would like to go back on their own time, Ms. Titus.

The Volunteer Assignment

Thursday, January 23, 2014

MD: Collaboration in Communication #leap2014

Casady Middle Division students participated in hands-on workshops designed to provide insight into the multi-faceted field of communication. The annual afternoon event, known as “Leap Day”, incorporated collaborative, creative activities that taught students the necessary skills for moving into 21st century educational ideologies.

The original Middle Division “Leap Day” started at Casady during a leap year when there was an extra day of school. The Middle Division faculty and staff decided to make that day one of adventure, experience and discovery. The day’s activities were so successful that the Division continued with the program. This year’s theme was “#leap2014”.

From examining the iconology of superheroes to discovering the seven aspects that comprise a fabulous singing voice to learning how to design a storyboard to author a book, this year students had the opportunity to explore verbal and nonverbal communication in a variety of real-world applications.

“They gained many different views of communication in their world.  Each of the workshops was designed to be discovery-based instead of lecture so that students were actively engaged in many different types of communication,” said MD English Teacher Stephanie Crossno.

“Communication continues to be at the heart of being a fully engaged, productive, and creative human being. Communication matters.  Our appreciation for communication and the way we use it is at the center of all we do; communication does not exist apart from us, it is us. Learning how to communicate effectively is critical if we are to participate.” Other workshops for the day included communications regarding air traffic control, public speaking, improv, nonverbal communication, dog and human communication, journaling, safety and more.

“Students had the opportunity to attend a workshop facilitated by presenters from outside the Casady community. This gave students the opportunity to learn from professionals and practitioners rather than just from teachers…helping the students to see that knowledge and learning have no bounds; they can happen in different places, different ways, and with different people,” said MD Writing Teacher Miriam Kaplan.

“After #leap2014, students will spend time in their English classes processing and sharing their experiences from the day.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Casady, Heritage Hall, Mercy School served together at Food Bank on MLK Day 2014



9,965 MEALS=11,960 POUNDS

Program for MLK Day 2014 @ the Food Bank

Participants:  Total: 98

- Casady School, Casady YAC, YLOKCasady: 67 UD, MD, LD, Parents, faculty, and administration.  Girls VB

- Heritage Hall High School: 3 students

- Mercy School Institute, YLOKC Mercy: 26  Youth Group, YG Director and Imad

Interfaith Alliance, YLOKC Mentor: 1

YMCA, YLOKC Mentor: 1

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Welcome (Morning and Afternoon)
-Facilitator: YAC Junior Chair Jessica G.

Morning and Afternoon Schedule    
-Facilitator: YAC Senior Chair Katie H. 
9:00-11: 00/ 1:00-3:00 Volunteer Shift  Group picture before we start shift, please!
11-12/3:00-4:00: Tour/ Hunger Simulation by Denice, Volunteer Coordinator
12:00-1:00  Pizza Lunch, courtesy of Dr. Brad Philipson, Dialog with history: Questions for Ayanna

Invitation to Introspection: Contest, Expectations, Reflections, Logistics, History of Day
- Facilitator: YAC Sponsor: Mrs. Carmen C.
* National Contest: MLK Day Scholastic: Poster Contest.
- Topic: What are you doing for others? http://www.scholastic.com/mlkday/pdfs/MLK_Day_2013-Self_mailer.pdf 

Help hungry people in Oklahoma City. Change one person's life today.  Support others.  To give back.  To make a difference. To try something new. To learn from experiences experienced here.  To aid a greater cause.  To have fun and work hard. Give someone hope..  To serve my community by helping those who are less fortunate than myself.  Work with Food.  Pack Bags.  Help children, Enjoy.  Team fun. To be filled with happiness from seeing us serve as a community the way Jesus served us. 500 bags!  I would like to play a part in fighting hunger.  To grow.  Learn never to take things for granted.  Learn to love.

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Morning Shift: 9:00-11:00


Hunger Simulation

Tours of the Food Bank
Morning Tour

Afternoon Tour



Service doesn't need to be a chore!!  It felt awesome to know that the work we did will help feed children.  This experience has changed my entire life.  This experience has done more to me than the children.  Knowing it only takes one motion just to put a box/bag of food can do so much for the kids/family.  This experience was eye opening.  It was a lot of fun.  Efficiency is fun.  That was fun.  Work is more fun when it's done quickly.  Speed and efficiency can finish every bag.  Buckle UP!  When you help the community, it is more fun with people you know (friends).  What a powerful way to think about and connect youth to hunger.  Teens filling food backpacks for other young people...perfect service project.  We worked together and finished early!  I had fun!  Busy.  Accomplishment. Satisfaction. Productive.  A great time for a great thing.  It was fun and we got a lot done.  It felt good to come out and help and know that I am feeding people who can't. Awesome today!  So great to give time, help people who needed and share with my kids. LOVED IT!  My wish is that OKC didn't know hunger.  Surprisingly, it was fun, even to clean-up. I wanna come again! It was a lot of fun! 4,005 bags.  Should have set a bigger goal =)  500 was too small.  It was great watching all the students, teachers, parents, and administrators from various schools come together for good for all.  My heart is full knowing that others will be blessed by the services provided today.  More than 4,000 lbs. of food, way pass my personal goal.  Apparently milk can last a year! Working together you can make a difference.  Team bonding!, Teamwork!  We fed a lot of people! Tuttle Tigers Stop Hunger.  Hunger cannot stop us.  The hungry may be many, but with hope, we can stop the fight.

Food for Kids Back Pack Program:  209 Cases Case Weight: 23 pounds = 4,807/1.2 pounds=4,005 meals
 Food for Kids Back Pack Program:   311 Cases Case Weight: 23 pounds =7153 /1.2 pounds= 5,960 meals


9,965 meals!!!  Amazing job!  You are a joy to work with.  Lisa, our volunteer coordinator!
Thank you Food Bank , Lisa and Denice  for the opportunity to help the mission of fighting hunger and feeding hope, an informative tour, and an eye-opening hunger simulation.  cc'74