Casady’s Service Learning Program continues the School’s mission to develop excellence, confidence, and integrity in students, and through Service Learning, it empowers them to realize their potential to make a difference in the community. Service is a path to peace and joy. Casady’s Director of Service Learning and her office are resources to encourage students, faculty, parents, and staff to explore volunteer experiences. “Like a pebble, each small act of service could collectively add to a path to peace.”  Shinnyo-en Foundation, Infinite Paths to Peace
The Lower Division focuses on project-based Service Learning. Grade-level faculty teams develop student-confidence for initiatives such as the third grade, Fair Trade Chocolate Project. By buying and selling Fair Trade Chocolate, students learn about non-profits, graphing, percentages, marketing, and collaboration. Students problem solve creatively and donate funding.” A Washington D.C NYLC Casady Showcase Conference Participant
More  information about the Casady Community Service Learning Program at   https://docs.google.com/a/casady.org/document/d/1D9SOhXz_dv9wNX9MLOd_skL7b43fZjgtgfw-ef9MzLM/edit?usp=sharing

Casady Fourth Graders Give Back to
Community Organization

Casady fourth grader Cole Boyd rallied his classmates to raise money for a special community project. Cole's father gave him and his brother each $100 for Christmas and asked them to choose charities to receive this money. Cole chose the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County because he had donated his Legos to the organization in the past.
"I decided to do the same thing but bigger," said Cole. "To add a special twist, I decided to try to double my money first."
Cole made a poster to put in his classroom, encouraging his fellow students to help him reach his goal. Several students from the class joined him in his effort. In total, Cole and his classmates raised $342, which provided eight tennis racquets, twelve cans of tennis balls, several board games, three puzzles, a card game, sidewalk chalk, a soccer ball, and two frisbees for the organization.

3rd Grade Team: Chocolate, Charities, Choice, and Charts. 

      This project expands the students' awareness of social justice and environmental stewardship.  It fits the needs of our community locally and globally by focusing on an array of basic human needs.https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=342B326589B38A95&id=342B326589B38A95%21105


The Teal Sisters Kickin' Cancer Project aims to raise $1,000 honoring a family member taken away by ovarian cancer and another currently fighting it.

The Teal Sisters provided coffee and donuts for parents on LD Parent Conference Day.  The Teals Sisters received close to $200 in donations.

After a presentation to the UD YAC, the Cyclones service club, the Teal Sisters inspired Mrs. Carmen Clay, Director of Service Learning and freshman Kenzi H. to help their efforts.  

The Teal Sisters are currently brainstorming how to connect their love for soccer with their fundraiser.  Mrs. Clay contacted Energy FC OKC, 405-235-KICK(5425) regarding ideas to connect city soccer events to the girls' fundraiser.  Kenzi and Mrs. Clay will contact Mr. Shelley to see if the Teal Sisters could sell chocolate and/or lemonade at upcoming home soccer games.

Other ideas underlined by the girls in their Team Hope proposal were:  Using birthday parties to raise funds, have bake sales, have a bowling tournament, have a classroom project to collect funds from classmates, encourage their parents to have an office fundraiser, convinced Mrs. France and other administrator to have an out of uniform day for a donation and get an all school talent show with proceeds going to Ovarian Cancer Research.  

Visit the girls website: tealsisters.simplesite.com where they are selling products they made for sale to reach their $1,000 goal.  

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