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Students Against Hunger

-Report of 1st October YAC  Meeting: 10/14 Meeting on Food Drive:  Mrs Crossno gave an inspirational speech ABOUT THE OKLAHOMA STANDARD- She related the story of a firefighter from NYC who came to OKC to help with the bombing disaster with $20 in his pocket and left with the $20 in this pocket because the kindness and generosity of Oklahomans did not allow him to spend a penny on anything he needed.  That firefighter died on September 11.

“There has been a lot of talk about the ‘Oklahoma Standard’ of dealing with disasters, and this community is responsible for setting that standard. We knew all along what kind of people we served and have always been proud to serve them. Now, the rest of the nation and the world know they are the best.” 
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Bombing
April 19, 1995 Final Report

The Oklahoma Standard  Get Red Dirt Ready
The “Oklahoma Standard” was born in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing. In April 1995, Oklahomans dropped everything to assist their friends and neighbors, coworkers and strangers. The response following the blast can only be described as amazing.

First responders from across the state and nation converged in downtown Oklahoma City to rescue the living and then honorably recover the victims. Citizens lined up in record numbers to donate blood. Any call for supplies was answered without question or hesitation in overwhelming numbers.

The Oklahoma Standard continues to be the benchmark against which all efforts are measured. It is a high standard we expect to meet and Oklahomans are always up to the challenge.

Mrs. Crossno suggested having a concrete goal and constant reminders.  Aubrey, Turner, Yogaish, Johnny and Miranda were members of the E-board present. No senior leadership present despite having called the meeting. 

- Monday After chapel 10/20 meeting report (E-board):  Mrs. Crossno gave her inspirational speech, "the Oklahoma Standard".  

Jessica and Sidney were present and opened the quick meeting

-Tuesday 10/21 Chapel Food Bank Speaker feedback:  Good speech.  Thank you to Kira and Yogaish for introducing the Food Drive and the Food Bank speaker at chapel on October 21.  Kira stated, "This year the freshman are responsible for the can food drive.  Can we each commit to bringing 30 cans each?  These 30 cans represent 1 can from each of us for every day of the month."
You can begin to bring your cans on October 31, when the Casady Cans Do- Students Against Hunger will begin.  The Food Drive will end in the Upper Division on November 6th due to SPC.

Moving forward - 
-YAC Ex-ideas: 
1. Freshman YAC leadership ideas:  Safra and Mariam
Decorating boxes:  A go for other divisions.  Not needed for the UD

-Decorating of other division boxes:  Must be finished by Friday, October 24

2. Goal of the Food Drive:  30 cans per student 6 cans per day of the drive, 300 students; 9,000 cans
Reminders:  Electronically, Sara, Turner and Johnny are investigating a way to get everyone on board at chapel via cell phones.

# 30/6/27,000 cans

3.Advertisements:  We need more signs in every building, by drinking fountains.  We need a letter to parents for the Courier.  Letter must be sent to the Courier Director, Mrs. Mrs. Garrett by Friday, October 24.
We need a flyer also for the PD and LD to remind parents of the food drive
LD: 31-7
PD  3-7
Sara is making stickers for the UD.  The cost of stickers might be $60 for 500.

4. Location of collection:  Boxes in front of the Student Center with high school students manpowering from 7:00 am - 7:45 am.  All cans tallied by 8:15 (first hour off student).  Mr. Fresonke's crew will pick-up the cans by 8:30 am.  -

The leadership of YAC needs to be the example, bringing as many donations as possible the first day.  We are the face of the drive.  A Hunger Hero costume for Halloween????!!!!!!

Letter sent to administrators for final revision for the Courier  Written by Sara with first draft from Mariam)

Students Against Hunger-"Casady Cans Due" needs your help to succeed. I look at the statistics and see that it is not uncommon for people who live in our city to be struggling with hunger. Our state is among the 10 hungriest in the nation. Our Regional Food Bank feeds 110,000 hungry Oklahomans every week.  We can change that though.

This year's food drive can establish the Casady standard that every member of our community brings 30 cans each. If every student brings a mere 6 cans a day, we will collect over 26,000 cans. Can you imagine what we CAN do? I CAN.

The most needed non-perishable food donations are canned meats, soups, sauces, canned beans, brown rice, pasta, canned fruits and vegetables, and peanut butter. Also $1 can provide up to five meals.  Make checks payable to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Casady Food Drive. 

Collection boxes will be clearly present and easily accessible in each division from Friday October 31st to Friday November 7th. 

Together, we CAN set the new Casady standard.

Sara Shobeiri
Freshman YAC Chair

Follow Food Drive Updates a 

Suggestions from the Food Bank

Great activities for the food drive from the Food Bank:
Click here to access the Teacher Tool Kit.

Clifton Roberts
Food Drive & Marketing Coordinator
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

405.600.3132 (Office)
3355 S. Purdue
OKC, OK 73179

4. Project opportunity October 25:  Food Bank
Morning Shift: 9-12
Food insecurity awareness between  shifts
Afternoon Shift:  1-4
Mrs. Clay will supervise when Cyclones are volunteering

5. Confirmation for MLK Day @ the Food Bank Reservation (80 volunteers)

Volunteer Group Confirmation
Thank you for volunteering, Casady Students!
About your shift: 
Monday, Jan. 19th              80 Volunteers
9-12pm                                Sorting/Packing Food

Monday, Jan. 19th               80 Volunteers
1-4pm                                Sorting/Packing Food
Sorting/Packing Food

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma also offers a variety of educational programs to help engage youth in the fight against hunger:


·         Hunger 101 - 3rd-12th grade activity based curriculum

·         Hunger Simulation - a brief interactive exercise putting students in the role of hungry Oklahomans

·         Tours of our facility and Urban Harvest gardens

·         Hope Corps - a 10-week youth internship program for volunteers aged 16-18.

·         Guest Speakers are available to visit your school to discuss local hunger issues and how the students can get more involved in the fight against hunger.

For more information, call us at (405)600-3161 or email us at

General Information:
You must be at least 8 years old to volunteer.

Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Volunteers under 18 must bring a signed
Parental Consent Form.

We require at least 1 adult chaperone for every 10 child volunteers.

Wear closed-toe shoes.

No loose, revealing or offensive clothing.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift begins.


Saturday, October 18, 2014


10/14/2014 and 10/17/2014  Meetings resulted in YAC taking action in three areas of service

a. Rainbow Fleet YAC Executive Board members volunteered cleaning toys and making packets for upcoming fundraiser from 10-noon on Saturday, October 18, 2014, at the Rainbow Fleet Resource Center @ 3024 Paseo,  

Casady Service-Learning and YAC were able to sponsor 3 daycare centers thanks to the generosity of the Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Fund, Aubrey's family donation, and Aubrey's vision to bring this wonderful organization as one of the main organizations sponsored by YAC this year.  

Rainbow Fleet is a YAC Junior Class project.  The project focuses on building self-esteem in children.  Project leader Aubrey H. stated " Rainbow Fleet's Resource Center provides toys and educational materials to child care providers in the greater Oklahoma City community.The materials that the Center provides teach infants and children fine motor skills, literacy, counting, science, etc.  Working with Rainbow Fleet and volunteering in the Resource Center was an amazing opportunity! Rainbow Fleet does an amazing job nominating needy child care centers to receive memberships to the Resource Center. Every child care center that is a member of the Resource Center greatly benefits from the toys and educational materials provided to them. Rainbow Fleet is paving the roads for the future of our community by building strong minds and bodies in infants and children. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with this great organization!"  

Casady Service-Learning also bought a membership for resources to be shared with clubs and classes like beginning level language classes.

b.Village Fall Festival
Who? Mrs. Clay and volunteers
Where? Duffner Park
When? 12:30-2:00,  Saturday, October 18

Reflection from volunteers forthcoming

c. Compassion Games 
Who? Spanish I Class

What? Compassion acts- Secrets agents 
When? October 19-25
Games will begin in Mrs. Clay Spanish I Class on Monday, October 19th.  The class is learning about adjectives and the differences between ser and estar. Students will choose acts of kindness they will perform and learn pertinent vocabulary in Spanish.

2. Students Against Hunger: Casady Cans Do:  10/31 to 11/7


Great activities for the food drive from the Food Bank:

Click here to access the Teacher Tool Kit.

Clifton Roberts
Food Drive & Marketing Coordinator
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

405.600.3132 (Office)
3355 S. Purdue
OKC, OK 73179

YAC began making collection boxes on Tuesday and finished on Friday during B-block. 

The Food Drive is a freshman project with guidance and support from the Executive Board and the whole YAC membership.  

The senior leadership has divided the freshmen class in different groups under the support of members of the Executive Board.  Students helping the Food Drive in other divisions need to be back in class on time.  Minimum of 5 people per shift.  At least one member of each shift should have first hour off to help count cans after morning donations are finished.

Mrs. Crossno attended the Friday meeting and offered to have time in her class to help the freshman organize their first project.


Mrs. Crossno called for inspiring students to give without outside incentives.

Ideas proposed
a. # 30/30
b. Use social media  motivational devises and daily reminders

Mrs. Clay shared what other classes had done in the past and requested consideration of applying the service learning tenants to the organization of this project.

Freshmen Safra and Mariam  Sh. emerged as the leading facilitators of this project.  They made a list of ideas to be discussed at next meeting and they spent an hour reinforcing boxes.


Old Business

a. Clubs Fair:  Sign up went well.  The Freshman Club Fair was a good idea.  Thank you to Johnny L. for making the list of clubs

b. Homecoming: Fall Fest  $75 were collected.  Executive board will decide how the money will be spent

c. Peace Week Report:  SEE BELOW ENTRY