Friday, May 19, 2017

Walk-A-Thon Day 2017 benefits Children's Miracle Network Foundation OKC Children's Hospital

Friday, May 19 Special Schedule - Wear the Walk-A-Thon T-shirt!

8:00-8:25 Chapel  Lower and Primary Division Students started walkingImage may contain: outdoor
8:30-8:57 Period 1, 9:00-9:27 Period 7, 9:30-9:57 double, 10:00-10:27, Period 3 Break Class of 2017 YAC Sendoff

YAC gratitude tokens.  Special thanks to YAC members who decorated the frames.  To Sharun for helping set up the room and to Aaron and Claire who chose and printed the pictures for the frames



Senior volunteer delivers gratitude ICEE's to members of the Class of 2017
Why ICEE's? " I SEE PEACE" with the Class of 2017 service sparks meeting Casady and the Greater Oklahoma City community needs.  The Class of 2017 certified 11102.5 hours as of 5/19/2017

Project Now and Then had a summer planning meeting

10:30-10:57 Period 4 11:00-11:27 Period 5 11:30-11:57 Period 6 12:00-12:27 Period 2
STUCO kicked the Walk-A-Thon in the south gym with our own Mrs. Anne Hannemman, inspirational speaker in memory of her son, Bennett. Then, Mrs. Hanneman, her daughter and STUCO led the first lap around the lake as a school. Ginger, a HALO Service Dog accompanied the walkers.

Image may contain: 6 people, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature

Lunch was served at 12:45 at Bennett lobby.  Registration opened at the completion of the first lap. The registration tent was near the Chapel and the walk-A-Thon walks, games, and club activities began. Dodge ball tournament started in the South gym at 2:00-3:30. The curtain was down and there were two games going at the same time. Faculty members worked the games. (Court 1 Jared and Emily) (Court 2 Chris and Carlos).

Family Fued played in Bennett. (Coach T Mrs Zesiger). Dares went on the entire time. Big dares were part of the closing ceremonies. 
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and outdoor

The club booths opened from 1:30-3:00 around the lake. 
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, table and outdoor
Pictures by Mr.Sheldon
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, drink and outdoor

YAC Activity During Walk-A-Thon Week
1. Wear your Walk-A-Thon T-shirt, help with dogs and art activity.  
2. Distribute thank you, YAC tokens of gratitude, to YAC/YLOKC members of the Class of 2017 
3. Give members of the Class of 2017 coming to Harper an ICEE because of their 11,000 hours of volunteering help state, "I SEE PEACE " with the positive actions taken to meet community needs by the Class of 2017.
4. Re-set booth outside if not raining:  Mrs Clay

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and outdoor

12:45-1:30  Mrs. Natasha Bennett and her Halo Dog "Ginger" walked during the kick off with Mrs. Bennett, her daughter and STUCO
1:30-2:00   Sharun  Walking "Ginger", Elllie
2:00-2:30   Sharun  Walking "Ginger", Jack
2:30-3:00   Sharun, Mariam and Safra, Walking "Ginger" Sharun
3:00-3:30  "Ginger visits administrative offices
"Tear down and clean-up crew Mariam, Safra, Sharun, Mrs. Clay

Teacher's Walk-A-Thon Assignments
12:45-2:15: Bouncy house: Whitney F, Janet, Bennett lot: Will, Andrew, Janine, Lap Markers: Sarah, Greg, Josh, Shelia Around the lake: Sandy (Harper), Mark (Wing), Bonnie (MD), Dianne (LD), Joanne I (Student Center) 
Registration Table: Lori W, Carmen, Phyllis
2:15--3:45: Bouncy house: John K, Carlos, Lap Markers: Sharada, Matt, Lu, Around the lake: Sara (MD), Jason (Fee), Joanne I (Student Center), Amanda (LD), Registration: Joanne J.  Julieta, Closing ceremony at 3:45 in the south gym after the dodgeball tournament. 

The spring dance was at 9-1130 in the Activity Center. The theme was Rave. All money raised will be donated to the walk-a-thon. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Walk-A-Thon Week 2016-2017 is here! Around the Casady Upper Division

Friday: Kick-Off with Pajama Day

Image may contain: 18 people, people smiling, people sitting

Monday: Retro Casady.  Seniors wear college t-shirts

Tuesday: Tropical Day
Dr. Gerard's annual service learning project senior metaphor class day with the second graders on Tropical Day

Wednesday: Jersey Day  - Get your Walk-A-Thon T-Shirt!

Thursday:  Back to Uniform, UD Awards Chapel  Special Schedule
Thursday, May 18 (Awards Assembly)
8:00-8:45   Period 1
8:48-9:33 Period 2
9:45-10:45 Required assembly in Chapel
11:00-11:42 Period 3
11:45-12:27 Period 4
12:30-1:00 lunch
1:03-1:45 Period 5
1:48-2:31 Period 6
2:34-3:56 Period 7/double
Freshmen sit in the Transept. Juniors sit in the Freshman pews. Parents and guests sit in the Junior pews.

Walk-A-Thon Day, Friday, Special Schedule (Rain or Shine)

YAC Activity during the Walk-A-Thon. 
a. HALO Service Dogs on campus. 
HALO Dogs, special thanks to Mrs. Briana Titus for the connections to and to HALO's Vice president, Derald:  Mr. Miles and Mr. Halpern's therapy dogs on site, weather provided!
b. Thank you, volunteers and senior send off treats.  

Friday, May 19 (Walkathon) Special Schedule Wear the Walk-A-Thon T-shirt! Play the Walkathon fundraising games
Image may contain: 14 people, people smiling, people playing sports and outdoor

8:00-8:25 Chapel

8:30-8:57 Period 1

9:00-9:27 Period 7

9:30-9:57 double

10:00-10:27 Period 3

10:30-10:57 Period 4

11:00-11:27 Period 5
11:30-11:57 Period 6
12:00-12:27 Period 2

Project Then and Now started on Friday, 5/13 2016.  Marolyn's book, "50 Years Behind the Fitting Room Door" is being transcribed by Service-Learning/ YAC Intern, Class of 2018
Water is Life Rain Barrel Found home at Centennial High School Community Garden
The Community Garden is still under construction!

Thank you to YAC Hospitality Chair for bringing this project from the National Service-Learning Conference in Anaheim, California.  Centennial High School Students will use the foundation provided by Casady Students and make the barrel their own after they complete the construction of their community garden

 Cinco de Mayo Fun: Collaborative first coat.  Primer of Rain Barrels

Cinco de Mayo Primer ended

Final product in collaboration with Casady Art Teacher, Mrs. Amanda Pardue
H20 for Life- Barrel will be part of Peace Week 2017 Activities

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Awareness and Advocacy: May is Mental Health Month

May is National Mental Health Month

"Mental illness is like any other illness and it will eventually break you down if you don't get help," "Counseling is the best path to health because a person can talk with someone who doesn't judge.  Mental Health America states that "Risky Business" are habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing or exacerbating mental illnesses or could be signs of mental health problems. These include risk factors such as risky sex, prescription drug misuse, internet addiction, excessive spending, marijuana use, and troublesome exercise patterns. 

What can you do for Mental Health Month?

Volunteer at Sumbeam Family Services Events
May 18 - Volunteers Needed! Head Start Community Reading Party. If you would like to help CELEBRATE Head Start's 52nd birthday while sharing a love of reading with children, join us as a volunteer reader at one of our participating early childhood sites. Visit  Reading Party to learn more about locations and times or call Sunbeam Volunteer Coordinator Taprina Milburn at 405.609.1755.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

THANK YOU: Helpers, donors, and YAC leaders

YAC President writes thank you note to Students Rebuild Challenge Volunteers, Peace Silhouettes artists, and teachers helping start a mentor's program between Casady and Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village
Similar thank you bags were taken to Brookdale, Independent Living Residents and the Casady LD children and teachers who helped with various projects and drives throughout the year.
Thank you Casady YAC.  Our kids and teachers appreciate your gratefulness

YAC's Gratitude Breakfast for Senior Leadership
Thank you for your kindness, your gentle approach to people and challenges, your enthusiasm and guidance for YAC activities, your guidance with projects, your compassion and love for others and your welcoming and inclusive treatment of anyone in your path

Mother's Day is approaching!


In the 1800's, Julia Ward Howe, original advocate for "Mother's Day" and writer of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic," nursed and tended the wounded during the civil war. She worked with the widows and orphans of soldiers on both sides of the war, and realized that the effects of the war go beyond the killing of soldiers in battle. The devastation she witnessed called her to "rise up through the ashes and devastation" calling out for a day dedicated to peace: Mother's Day. In her various social capacities Julia tirelessly worked for justice throughout her life. Read more about the history of Mother's Day including the full Mother's Day proclamation Julia wrote.

This Mother’s Day We Declare That It’s Time for Our Nation 

To Make Violence Prevention a Priority

Mother’s Day was originally a call for a day of peace by Julia Ward Howe after she nursed and tended the wounded during the American civil war. 

Make this Mother’s Day a call for our nation to prioritize peacebuilding by establishing a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding and by practicing peace in our personal lives, the community, schools, a more humane justice system and internationally. 
You can do this by completing one or both of these actions and sharing this email:
1) Scheduling a “Mother’s Day Pie” meeting with your member of Congress and your Senators (and/or their staff members) to tell them peace wants a piece of our federal budget pie and urging them to cosponsor Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2017 (HR 1111) (Congressperson’s office can contact to sign on).
2) Signing this petition to your member of Congress, Senators and the President.  
Peacebuilding matters because war and nuclear weapons are not viable options, the deaths and injuries of so many young people on the streets of America are not acceptable and domestic violence is not tolerable. Peacebuilding includes violence-prevention policies and programs that work. 
Peacebuilding also saves lives and money. For every dollar invested now, the cost of conflict could be reduced by $16 over the long run
Peacebuilding is multi-faceted. Legislation calling for a cabinet-level Department of Peacebuilding (HR 1111) includes the following offices: 1) Peace & Education Training; 2) Domestic Peacebuilding Activities; 3) International Peacebuilding Activities; 4) Technology for Peace; 5) Arms Control & Disarmament; 6) Information & Research; 7) Human Rights & Economic Rights; 8) Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Peace; and 9) Federal Interagency Committee on Peace.
Ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor
The Act to Establish a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding
Nancy Merritt
Department of Peacebuilding Lead
The Peace Alliance Leadership Council

Monday, May 8, 2017

May is Older Americans Month


Each May, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) leads our nation’s celebration of Older Americans Month (OAM). 
ACL designed the 2017 OAM theme, Age Out Loud, to give aging a new voice—one that reflects what today’s older adults have to say. This theme shines a light on many important trends. More than ever before, older Americans are working longer, trying new things, and engaging in their communities. They’re taking charge, striving for wellness, focusing on independence, and advocating for themselves and others. What it means to age has changed, and OAM 2017 is a perfect opportunity to recognize and celebrate what getting older looks like today.
Let’s amplify the many voices of older Americans and raise awareness of vital aging issues across the country. Join us as we speak up and out loud for OAM!

"50 years behind the fitting room door"  Then and Now Project

Mrs. Marolyn Stout contacted the Casady Service-Learning Program to request help with a book she wanted to publish about her 50 years in retail in OKC.   Mrs. Stout is creating "50 Years Behind the Fitting Room Door" chapters and providing the handwritten manuscripts to teen typists who will transfer chapters to an online self-publishing program, PRESSBOOKS courtesy of the Village Library, Youth Adult Program.  Teens involved in the project will learn how to use the program as they type the story in verse being created by Mrs. Stout.

The Casady Service-Learning Program connected with Miss Elizabeth Wright, Young Adult Librarian at the Village Library in OKC, Mrs. Finley, Casady's English Department Head, proofreader of the first book by Mrs. Stout and MD English teacher, Mr. Blayze Hembree as resources and volunteer recruiters for the creation of the online book.  

Mrs. Stout provided the first couple of chapters the first week in May.   A publication date expected for the book is Mrs. Stout's 90th birthday on October 24, 2018.

Below other service-learning experiences featuring Mrs Marolyn Stout, resident of Brookdale, Statesmen's Club, Independent Living.

Storycorps interview with Marolyn Stout:

Marolyn with an "o", Then & Now


Then & Now Project, Books connecting history to elders' life stories
This book represents a collaboration between Jordan Richards, Casady School Class of 2014, Marolyn Stout, "age 86, still learning new tricks, like the IPAD,"  Ananya Bhaktaram, Casady Class of 2017 who continued the 'Then and Now' project during the school year 2014-2015, and Carmen Clay'74, Director of Service-Learning at Casady School.  Jordan aspired to be a biographer of a depiction of an era he had come to love; the late 20's, and early 30's.  Ananya and Carmen helped Jordan's first draft become an E-book that brings history alive through the experiences of Marolyn with an "O".  Mrs. Whitney Finley proofread the book, which is now available at Shutterfly and at the pages link of this blog        

Jordan & Marolyn met at a Casady Chapel service, May, 2013 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo: Rain Barrel, Water is Life Project

Sunday, May 7th
Attend the Cinco de Mayo Festival:  Explore cultures in our backyard @ Plaza Mayor at Crossroads
(Sunday May 712-9pm) Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads
Highlights: Horse parade: 12:00, Ceremony: 7:00pm

Why do you need a rain barrel?

- Help the environment by collecting rainwater from roof and gutters. 

- By holding back rainwater during a storm, rain barrels help lessen pollution, erosion and flooding. 

- With less rainwater running-off the land, less pollution flows into our creeks and rivers (which are the sources of our drinking water).  

- Collecting and using your rainwater saves money on your water and sewer bills. 

- Use the rainwater to water lawns, gardens and landscaping, fill fountains and ponds, and wash cars and other items.
Displaying IMG_6461.JPG
Water is Life


One of the Casady rain barrels will be a grateful gift to Centennial High School Community Garden. Students and teachers traced and decorated 1,100 hands, a matching donation of $2,900 through the Bezos Foundation to the Global Youth Service Day Project facilitated by YAC Junior Project Chairs, Gabrielle M. and Mallory W.  Casady-OKC Caring Hands.  The total matching donation of over $4,800 will provide resources and programs to teens in Nicaragua and Indonesia to provide them tools to live on more than $1.90 a day.

Water is Life