Friday, September 30, 2016

28th National Service Learning Conference in California

The Leader: Dare to Dream Edition
Volume XIII, Issue 17 — September 2016
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The Leader

You're invited to Dare to Dream
28th Annual National Service-Learning Conference®
Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, CA
March 22–24, 2017

Connect with hundreds of educators and young people from across the world — all working together to make change through service-learning.
Whether you’re young or young at heart, this conference promises to inspire you. Access tools, ideas, and support through a network of like-minded leaders.
Be our guest and make a positive difference in your schools, communities, and the lives of young people everywhere.


Calling All Workshop Presenters!
Do you have a high-quality service project you would like to highlight at the conference?
Deadline is October 16 to share your expertise; don’t delay. Submit now.
Youth Emcees Wanted
Do you have what it takes to present in front of more than 1,000 of your fellow attendees?
Apply to be a youth emcee byDecember 4 and be heard!
Awards Nominations Open
NYLC and its partners present awards honoring youth and adults for their commitment to education, service, community, and service-learning.
Nominate an outstanding leader today! Deadline is December 5.

Connect and spread the word!

Planning on joining? Help us spread the word on social media. Below are some sample messages you can use to promote Dare to Dream:
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  • #SLC17 welcomes you to Dare to Dream. Join me in Anaheim, March 22, 2017. @nylcorg

From the Field

Meet the Winners!

Meet the winners of the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes — outstanding young leaders who have made a significant positive difference to people and the environment. Their leadership and courage make them true heroes — and inspirations to us all.

Disney Summer of Service Grants

Disney ABC and YSA are inspiring young change-makers this summer who are making their communities healthier, greener, and stronger. Deadline is this Friday, September 30, so act quickly!

Scholarships for Students Fighting Hunger

The Sodexo Foundation — Stop Hunger Scholarships reward students working to end hunger in their communities. Winners get $5,000 for college and a $5,000 grant to give to the charity of their choice. #GET5GIVE5 in your hometown. Apply by December 5.

Living The Example National Video Contest

The Living The Example National Video Contest was created to provide young teens an opportunity to showcase their passions, hobbies and achievements. What is it that you do that sets a positive example for your peers? Deadline is October 21.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Connected to Peace Week Experiences

Sunday, September 25,2016

The 10th annual Interfaith Youth Tour hosted by the Oklahoma Conference of Churches was a great experience.  Over 400 teens and adult youth group teens, sponsors and parents from the greater OKC community, Bethany, and Edmond participated.  Dr. Tabernee reminded participants that the first Interfaith Youth Tour had at most 35 participants.
Saint Paul's Episcopal Youth Group

The first stop was the East 6th Street Christian Church, a historically black church of the Disciples of Christ. At the church, participants were treated to a rousing call for tolerance, social justice, and diversity by Pastor Jesse Jackson (no, not THAT Jesse Jackson), and a beautiful presentation from their musical director.  

The second stop was the newest building for the Masjid Mu'min Mosque, still under construction.  The new Masjid Mu'min Mosque is located next door to the oldest Mosque in Oklahoma City, which was the first mosque in OKC and had the uniqueness of being an Afro-American mosque. Hosts explained that originally a Nation of Islam community, the mosque membership transitioned in the seventies towards mainstream Sunni Islam.  They taught participants about the African-American take on Islam, the five Pillars of Islam, and about the future of this community. At the Mosque, participants had water and cookies and found out that one of the famous visitors to the mosque was Mohammad Ali.    
Interfaith Youth Tour at Msjid Mu'min Mosque...under construction!

The trip ended at Vien-Gîac Buddhist Temple, the Mahayana temple of the Vietnamese community in OKC.   

After a snack sharing time and an explanation of a Mother's Day tradition at the Temple Community gathering area, participants were ushered  inside the temple.  

A resident monk started the tour with a small meditation time.  Then,  he shared a Dhamma talk, the 5 tenants of Buddhism, and explain some of the temple icons.   The tour ended by their youth group facilitating to a tour of their beautiful grounds.   

Saturday, September 24, 
#Oklahoma Standard Morning, OKC Peace Walk @ Turkish Festival

Anthony Shadid- An Oklahoma Standard Ambassador.  Once an Oklahoma Teen just like the teens who attended the morning at the Museum as part of Peace Week 2016 Service-Learning Program Activities....An OKC entrepreneur of peace and social change.

The morning started with an Oklahoma Standard tour of the Memorial by our very special park ranger, Dan Mckee.   A guided tour of the museum by Patrick,   followed.  

The tour of the museum ended with a memorable story time from survivor Derek Smithee who inspired us to be Oklahoma Standard Ambassadors in our daily interactions with each other and our local and global community.  Service Learning in collaboration with the Museum Store provided Casady teens with an Oklahoma Standard t-shirt and bracelet.

During the reflective lunch with our hosts, Cyclones found out from our tour guide, Patrick, that Enis Kanter, Thunder basketball player was the official honorary chair of the Turkish Festival and OKC Peace Walk 2016.  Patrick stated that Enis was an Oklahoma standard ambassador because he has taken great personal risks speaking against the violence in Turkey.  His family is still in Turkey and they are against the oppressive regime in power.

United Nations International Day of Peace Awareness Walk at Turkish Festival 2016

At 1:15 pm, the Casady group walked to the Myriad Gardens where they planted Casady pinwheels providing the route of the very short United Nations First Peace Walk during the Turkish Festival.  Cyclones had time to visit the Turkish Festival booths and received an autograph picture of Enis Kanter.

Mrs. Hazel Lopez, Lower Division "Manitos de Paz" were distributed to the participants of the festival before the OKC Peace Walk in celebration of the International Day of Peace, a day that calls for cease fire and to stop domestic violence around the globe.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


"Let us all work together to help all human beings achieve dignity and equality; to build a greener planet; and to make sure no one is left behind." — UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon
11 Days of Global Unity Summit Speakers 

Casady UD Chapel  and weekend Speakers
Special thanks to Father Blizzard and Youmans for sharing chapel time with Peace Week 2016

9/11: Unity Jeremy Gilley, via video  "The Day After Peace"
9/12: Interdependence: Dr. Noel Jacobs, Interfaith Alliance, Respect Diversity Foundation
9/13: Environment: Mrs. Sara Ivey, Oklahoma Green Schools Program
9/14 Economic Justice  Food Bank Speaker in October. Mrs. Terri Talley, OK Bombing Survivor
9/15: Health:  Chef Kevin, Sage Team, Head Chef
9/16: Children and Youth Zac Fowler, Oklahoma Standard
9/17 Women  Miss LaRissa Conn, Service Day at Day of Kids at Boys and Girls Club
9/18 Human Rights  Sinead Magina, Global Unity Goals for Sustainable Development
9/19 Freedom Deputy Justin Gang, Oklahoma City Sheriff, Josh and Judy "A whole new world"
9/20 Disarmament: Casady Choir
9/21 Peace-International Day of Peace  Casady Orchestra and....

Peace Day @ Casady School
Special thanks to Miss Jane Derrick, Casady Communication Coordinator for pictures and articles before and after Peace Week 2016

Happy International Day of Peace!
The day ended with the Lower Division gathering outside for Chapel
and singing a song they learned about peace.
Thank you to Mark Coate, head of grounds and landscaping, for the painted peace sign
and Marshal Palmer, from Casady's maintenance team, for flying the drone!

6:00 am Pinwheels decorated with peace words in Chinese by Mrs. Joanne Jew's Chinese classes and Mrs. Whitney Stone's Senior English Class on Peace Week's Children and Teens Day were planted at Peace Sign and Labyrinth by Butterfly Garden.  Special thanks to Mr. Mark Coate, who drew both, for his time and creativity.  Some of the MD Peace Hearts and Hands, made by the International Club, were also planted around the PIENSA sculpture.

6:30 am:  Silent Peace Walk: The walk started at the Chapel Transept where 6 religions displayed their "Peace Prayers" with their version of the "Golden Rule" as well as important icons and sacred books.  The display of the Global Peace Village at the Transept is on loan from the Episcopal Diocese, Education Program.  It will be at the Transept until 9/23/2016.  Before embarking on their Silent,Meditative Peace Day Walk, participants received "May Peace Prevail on Earth" art cards made by children and teens from around the world to take on their walk and kept it if desired. Most Cyclones walked around the lake, a few walked the Blue Labyrinth by the Butterfly Garden.

7:00 am  Early Morning Eucharist had a special focus on raising awareness that it was PEACE DAY!

7:50 am  Father Blizzard blessed samples of "Pieces of Peace" made at all Divisions. Cyclones who attended Early Morning Eucharist participated in the blessing ceremony.

8:00 am  Upper Division Orchestra performed a "Piece for Peace: Declarations."  After the performance, Father Blizzard asked to reflect on Who will I make peace with on Peace Day?  A banner at the Student Center requested Cyclones to leave their responses in an anonymous way. The banner was made at Boys and Girls Club "Day of Kids."  

During Peace Day, Mrs. Lisa Schnider had a special unit on Human Rights in her Government class. 

 Dr. Torres continued the screening of "A Talking Picture" during Activities.  Mrs. Julieta Zesiger used tiny peace pinwheels, provided by the Service-Learning Program to take home at the end of the school day,  as a tool -to add a peace touch- to her presentation on units of measure. 

trailer of Talking Picture
Full Movie at
Every UD building became a "Hall of Peace" with exhibits of "Peace Silhouettes" made by the UD Art classes, YAC Peace Team, and Children from Casady after school care program, Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village, and Boys and Girls Club.  

Peace Thoughts from Peace Week 2016 Chapel Speakers and Performances

The project was facilitated by YAC Peace Team Sophomore Chair, Mason T. The foreign language building also featured pinwheels made at Harper by Mr. Pena's Spanish I and II classes during Peace Week's Children and Youth Day.

Participating in the Community to Improve Lives
Casady YAC's Mission
The exhibit demonstrates the future mentoring program between Casady UD and Western Village.
The exhibit is a collaboration between Casady Art classes, the Peace Team who showcased Peace Week at the National Service-Learning Conference in Washington D.C. and Western Village Elementary Art classes

Find Peace in your heart and share it with the community
The exhibit is a collaborative effort between Casady YAC Peace Team and Casady's After School Program

Banner made at Boys and Girls Club, Day of Kids Peace Week's Women's Day
Unifying Backgrounds with Empowering Everyday Kindness
Mrs. Jew, Chinese Class students wrote Peace and other peace related words in Chinese for the Miller Exhibit .  She also taught how to say peace while learning how to use Chinese Yo-Yo's.

9:45 am  Father Youmans shared a song he created about Peace at MD Chapel. The International Club explained the meaning of Peace Day, how the United Nations celebrates peace day, what people around the world were doing, especially the promotion of cease fire and stop violence by Peace One Day, and gave suggestions about what Cyclones could do to honor the International Day of Peace.  Father Blizzard showed a video featuring the Pope and religious leaders from different faiths calling to find balance and peace. 

After Chapel, the International Club planted Peace Hearts and Hands members decorated during the 11 Days of Global Unity around the PIENSA sculpture  and sent their thoughts for peace by waving colorful ribbons and blowing peace bubbles to the wide-opened sky.

10:45 am on Friday, 9/16/2016 Father Blizzard had a Peace Day Celebration at the Primary Division.  Students and their parents sang "Peace is for you, is for me, is for us."  Song was facilitated by Mrs. Jennifer Mathias

2:45 am Father Blizzard officiated LD Chapel around the Peace Sign.  Lower Division students came holding their "Manitos de Paz" made during the 11 Days of Global Unity at Mrs. Hazel Lopez's Spanish classes.  

After a "Peace Hands" blessing the children sang a peace song and raised their hands to the sky and shouted "Paz-Peace" as teachers and parents waved color strings and blew peace bubbles to the sky as a metaphor of HOPE FOR PEACE ONE DAY!  

Mrs. Lopez's also choreographed "Stepping into Peace Rhythm" which was developed during the 11 Days of Global Unity and taught at the International Dance Studio.  A recording of Mrs. Lopez's Spanish class learning the dance was used to teach the dance to one of the Upper Division Spanish classes on Peace Week's Children and Youth Day.  The "Stepping into Peace Rhythm" will be shared at the Oklahoma City Peace Walk at the Myriad Gardens and with Peace One Day, founder and creator of the International Day of Peace, 21st of September, Jeremy Gilley.

Mrs. Thompson, LD Art Teacher and Mrs. Morgan, 1st Grade, Peace Education Specialist, facilitated the creation of a first grade "Peace Book" during the 11 Days of Global Unity.  The children reflected on peace and then made representations of their thoughts which was compiled in a book of First Grade Peace Wisdom.

The whole LD had its ongoing focus on mindfulness on Peace Day and during Peace Week.
Happy #PeaceDay! We wish you a wonderful day whoever you are with on this remarkable occasion. Please do not forget to let us know what you are doing. Whatever you are doing, you are part of the greatest gathering of people in the name of peace the world has ever seen and long may it continue!
This is a short update to let you know our plans for the day. 

Wherever you are in the world you can now watch our global broadcast on Facebook Live, featuring peacemakers from around the world; humanitarian organisations, business leaders, musicians, dancers, faith leaders, actors and many more. This unique broadcast will reach every corner of the globe; each speaker united by a hope for lasting peace.
Tune in here and please share with your friends and families. 


Be sure to tune in for an exclusive LIVE performance of the powerful ballad, ‘I Wish’ by Jahméne. This song from his forthcoming album, ‘Unfathomable Phantasmagoria’ is a powerful soundtrack to the day and you can tune in here at 20:35 BST.
The song can also be downloaded here.

It is our hope that today will be the greatest gathering of peacemakers this world has ever known. In every continent, country and community, people are coming together in the hope of lasting peace. Your actions will give volume, clarity and scale to this global movement, so whatever you do today, do it in the name of peace and together we will be one step closer to peace one day.

In Peace,
Jeremy Gilley
Founder, Peace One Day

Casady Peace Week 2016
“11 Days of Global Unity” September 11-21
Find peace within your hearts and share it with the community!
Casady Peace Day Activities

Wednesday, September 21: Peace Walk. Chapel Pinwheel Blessing/Planting (6;30-7:50 am)
6:00 am Planting Pinwheels for Peace at Peace Sign in front of chapel
6:30 am Meditative Silent Peace Walk around the lake or Blue Labyrinth by Butterfly Garden
7:00 am Early Morning Eucharist and Breakfast
7:50 am Blessing of Peace Sign
8:00 am Casady Orchestra Performs for Peace Day

9: 45 am MD Chapel: Hearts and Hands of Peace Planting around Thinking Man Statue and picture. International Club makes presentation about What is Peace Day and promotes a moment of silence during chapel.

2:45 pm LD Chapel: Peace Hands Blessing. Picture around the Peace Sign. Peace Song perform by MD Choir

-10:45 last Friday,9/16/2016 PD Celebrated Peace Day last Friday at their Chapel service time. The children sang: "Peace is for you, is for me, is for us." Parents attended the Peace Chapel Service. Father Charles Blizzard officiated.

Thank you to all who participated in the 11 Days of Global Unity, Peace Week 2016

Upper Division Peace Week Schedule
Unifying Backgrounds With Empowering Everyday kindness
Participating in the Community to Improve Lives

Children and Youth
UD Chapel

Dr. Noel Jacobs
Interfaith Alliance

MD International Club showed "The Declaration of Interdependence

Mrs. Sara Ivey
Oklahoma Green School Program

MD International Club showed Morgan Freeman's Our Future

Ms. Terri Talley
Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum

Chef Kevin
Sage Dining Team

MD International Club showed
Sage Dinning

Mr. Zac Fowler
Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum, Oklahoma Standard

Peace Silhouettes @ Student Center 

Blue Labyrinth by Butterfly Garden Opens
7:00 am
Pour Kindness on Firefighters. Thank You cards from MD Service-Learning Club delivered

Lights Off

Pour Kindness on our Grounds Crew. Thank you, Mr. Mark Coate, for Labyrinth and Peace Sign

Hope Trunk
Reflective Resilience
Student Center
7:00 am
Pour Kindness on Sage Team
Come and Read with Me Program Books For School in New Orleans


3:00-5:00 PM
-Hope was born on 9/11
-Peace One Day Screening @ Wing
Mindfulness in LD classesMrs Lopez begins Peace Hands Project
Mindfulness training in 5th gradeMrs. Lopez teaches and records Stepping into Peace Rhythm 
-YAC Peace team at Upper Division Chapel
- Blue Labyrinth Opens @ Butterfly Garden
Register to play the Global Unity Compassion Games

  • 9:00- 12:00 Out of Darkness Walk @ Lake Hefner
  • 8:00-9:00 Connecting Steps Through Rhythm @ International Dance Studio

Saturday Women
Human Rights

6:00 am  Pinwheels and Pieces of Peace Planting

Peace Walk Around the Lake

Pinwheels, Pieces of Peace Blessing after Early Morning Eucharist and Breakfast . Picture around the Peace Sign


-Josh and Judy

- Officer Dang, Oklahoma County Sheriff
Casady Choir

MD International Club showed, Malala's 5 minute acceptance speech of the Nobel Prize of Peace
Casady Orchestra
MD Chapel: Hearts and Hands of Peace Planting around Thinking Man Statue and picture

LD Chapel: Peace Hands Blessing. Picture around the Peace Sign

PD Chapel on 9/16: Song "Peace is for you, is for me,is for us"


A Talking Picture Screening, Activities, Miller 4
Peace Day Pictures

A Talking Picture Screening.  Part II

Human Rights in Government Classes

Miniature Pinwheels tool for Units of Measure Chemistry Class

Miniature Pinwheels Distributed at the end of the day

Mrs. Thompson delivers First Grade Peace Book to Mrs. Morgan

@ Boys and Girls Club

Day of Kids
@ Memorial Park
3:00-5:00 PM
@ Wing
-United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development
-Peace One Day Screening
7:00  am Pour Kindness on Village Police . Delivery of MD Service-Learning Thank You CardsCome and Read with me Book Collection for a School in New Orleans

Pour Kindness on Casady Choir
Pour Kindness on Casady Orchestra

Pour Kindness on Peace Day Early Morning Volunteers

Service Opportunities
Saturday 9/17

Day of Kids at Boys and Girls Club
Sunday 9/18

United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Peace One Day Screening at Wing

Saturday 9/24/2016
#Oklahoma Standard Ambassadors Training @ Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum
OKC Peace Walk at Myriad Gardens

Sunday 9/25/2016
Oklahoma Conference of Churches Interfaith Youth Tour $15 fee. Register at

Global Unity Compassion Games:  Mission 11
Agents, we’ve been on quite the adventure on our quest to bring unity and compassion to the One Human Family!
For our final mission, let us reflect on where we’ve been over these past 11 days during the Global Unity Games!

We began by looking through the lens of our DNA and realizing that every person on Mother Earth is actually our dear relative. We learned that we each share ancestors in the ancient past, and that biologically speaking, there is no such thing as race. We are One Human Family!

We then started to prepare ourselves to be the best member of the Global Village we could be. And that journey began within us, in Mission #0, with gratitude!

Mission #1:

In Mission #1, we explored the simple power of mindfulness, and how simply slowing down gives us the ability to be aware of life’s flows and rhythms.

Mission #2:

In Mission #2, we explored the power of our creativity, and realized we were each creative geniuses within our own right.

Mission #3:

In Mission #3, we explored the power of wonder, and found ways to make the “stars” in our everyday lives noticeable and brilliant once again.

Mission #4:

In Mission #4, we explored the power of generosity, and realized we were each part of the “superorganism” of the Human Family.

Mission #5:

In Mission #5, we explored the power of happiness, and realized that if we can treat illness, we can also understand and promote the vital qualities of wellness for ourselves and others.

Mission #6:

In Mission #6, we explored the power of patience, and realized that like a growing plant who cannot grow faster if it’s stalk are tugged, we each deserve patience to grow and flourish.

Mission #7:

In Mission #7, we explored the power of connection, and realized that connection is to a human being what sunlight is to a flower.

Mission #8:

In Mission #8, we explored the power of courage, realizing that fear teaches us how much we love our lives, but courage teaches us how to fully live it.

Mission #9:

In Mission #9, we explored the power of purpose, and how to intuitively get in tune with our “North Stars” that lead us into our unique purpose.

Mission #10:

In Mission #10, we explored the power of love, and realized at the end of the day, love and compassion will always win.

Which leads us to today, Agents, the final day of the Global Unity Games, a day of reflection, sharing, and celebration.

Today, dear Agents, our friends Oprah Winfrey and Louie Schwartzberg will help us conclude our journey with a story about revealing gratitude.

Champions of Compassions

Tune into the Global Unity Telesummit hosted by the Shift Network for the final day of the 11 Days of Global Unity!

Today’s Telesummit features Monica Willard around the final theme, Peace!

Register to join in on the Telesummit for free here!

Today marks Day 11, the final day of the Compassion Relay!

Team International Day of Peace has received the torch from Compassionate Louisville! We owe so much to the UN's initiative for the International Day of Peace for bringing the momentum and vision needed to achieve Global Unity in our lifetime.

Find out more about the vital work of
these remarkable Champions of Compassions here!

UN's Sustainable Development Goal:

Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions

The SDGs aim to significantly reduce all forms of violence, and work with governments and communities to find lasting solutions to conflict and insecurity. Strengthening the rule of law and promoting human rights is key to this process, as is reducing the flow of illicit arms and strengthening the participation of developing countries in the institutions of global governance. 
Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions is one of 17 Global Goals that make up the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to achieve the global unity that we seek.

Learn more about the targets for this Goal here.

Agents, It's Your Turn!

Reflect on the journey you’ve had over the last 11 days and how your experiences lay the thriving foundation for global unity. How did your reflections and actions impact yourself, others, and the planet?
Share your experiences on the Compassion Report Map to store them in a type of living time-capsule, and as a way to inspire countless other human relatives who are working toward the same healing of our One Human Family that you are.

Thank you for your commitment to our One Human Family, Agents, and all that you do!

Thank you!
P.S. If you wish to do so you can support the work of the International Day of Peace, our featured Champion of Compassion, to spread their remarkable work toward global unity with others!

Sponsors of the Global Unity Games!

The Global Unity Games are made possible by the incredible support of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and Seattle Chocolates!

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