Tuesday, September 26, 2017

International Day of Peace 2017, From Drone View

Special thanks to Mr. Marshall Palmer for the video of Peace Day and to Mr. Mark Coate for the Peace Sign in front of chapel.

Special thanks to Mr. Curt Foster for the video about Peace Week 2017

Click HERE to see details of UD Peace Week 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017

MD SEE Period & Facing Difference Students Rebuild 2017 Challenge


The seventh and eighth graders enjoyed SEE Period at Andrew Johnson Elementary. They did partner reading and played Dolch sight word games with primary students at AndrewJohnson Elementary. Memories of SEE Period at Andrew Johnson HERE.

In the afternoon, a group of eighth graders had their SEE Period at Our Spot Head Start Program.   

Learning about Our Spot Head Start Program

The 8th-grade kids were prepared to use Dr. Javier Carrasco Literacy Lab Activities at Our Spot. Cyclones joined the children during their snack time and did activities to get to know each other.  Some Cyclones shared parts of Dr. Carrasco's Literacy Lab Activities.

Spelling our names game

The goal of this first visit was to get to know each other. 

The 8th-grade teachers supervising the activity stated that the SEE Period at Our Spot went very well. All involved enjoyed their time together.  

Facing Difference Students Rebuild Challenge Unveilled

On Peace Day, September 21, 2017, Students Rebuild unveiled its FACING DIFFERENCE CHALLENGE.

Students Rebuild is partnering with CARE and Search for Common Ground to support young people around the world in planting seeds of peace through facing, engaging, and celebrating our differences.

Why facing difference? Let’s be honest—facing difference can be hard. Whether it’s as simple as engaging across the generational lines or as deeply rooted as different faith beliefs and cultural values, it can be easiest to turn away from things that may challenge our views and simply “face” things that are familiar.

When we look around the world today, many of the challenges both big and small—from kids being isolated at school to some of the violent protests that happened this summer around the United States—stem from the inability to effectively engage people and ideas different from our own.

Cyclones are invited to consider their own identity and how they can act as peace-makers in Oklahoma City. They’ll also be supporting young people working towards peace in conflict areas in Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and in the South Caucasus region.

To support Cyclones learning through this Challenge,  Students Rebuild Challenge is providing educational resources to deepen understanding. There are new Project Based Learning Units from the Buck Institute of Education, a new virtual reality experience and increased virtual exchange conversations from Global Nomads Group (coming October 1st), and that’s just the beginning! 

Upper Division Casady Service Learning and Students Rebuild Challenge invite Oklahoma City Youth to make a highly personal piece of art, a self-portrait  The Bezos Foundation will match $3—largest match to date.  Since 2010, when Students Rebuild began, they have believed in the power of young people to make the world a better place. This year’s Challenge represents the “face” of who we are at our best—a community of hundreds of thousands who are doing what they can to create positive change and build peace.

For the past three years, the Casady Service-Learning Program has undertaken the Students Rebuild Challenge as its Global Youth Service Day Project.  The first year, sophomore Ananya Bhaktaram brought the literacy challenge to YAC (Youth Active in the Community).  YAC sent over 7,000 bookmarks and provided funding for literacy programs in Peru and Indonesia.  Ananya connected to her Temple, family, friends and Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park.  Casady Cyclones were featured in the Global Nomands teleconference with Peru and had the opportunity to see the bookmarks delivered to the children in Andahuaylas, Peru.  

In 2015, Cyclones Mallory W. and Gabrielle M. facilitated the Healing Classroom Challenge making 600 pinwheels in collaboration with Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park which supported Syrian Youth Refugee healing programs.  

The Healing Classroom Pinwheel Exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles is an interactive installation of the youth-made pinwheels that were donated to support Syrian children learn, heal, and grow through the Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms challenge. For every handmade pinwheel mailed, the Bezos Family Foundation donated $2 – totaling $400,000 – to support the International Rescue Committee’s Healing Classrooms program. For Syrian children, Healing Classrooms provides a secure, nurturing environment that helps them learn, heal, and grow. 

To generate more awareness, a group of students at Montlake Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, designed this interactive museum installation in the spring of 2017 using pinwheels submitted for the Challenge.

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In 2016, Gabrielle and Mallory facilitated the Youth Uplift Challenge. 3,000 decorated hands, a resulting collaboration with YAC, Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park and Oklahoma Centennial High School, Consumer Science and Technology Class were mailed in April 2016. The hands were match with funding to provide training for youth in Indonesia and Nicaragua.  Check out the Student Impact Report for the Youth Uplift Challenge!

This summer, Students Rebuild partnered with DEC artists and L.A.-based street artist Teachr to host Youth Uplift L.A., where Teachr showcased a unique and interactive art piece featuring the creative, colorful, and thoughtful hands!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 21: Peace Day

Memories of Peace Week 2017 HERE

What are you doing for Peace Today?

Peace Day Out of Uniform 
Wear a Peace, Spirit, or a place you volunteered t-shirt
Peace Day Observances around Campus

Inline image 2  Inline image 3 Inline image 4

7:00-7:45  UD Peace Walk and Breakfast.  Walkers meet in front of Chapel by Peace Sign

UD Chapel: Casady Choir Performs.  

MD Choir performs on Peace Day 2017
9:45 MD Chapel Chapel  Casady MD Choir performs "Imagine" 

10:00 am  Peace One Day Pinwheels

10:30 am Primary Division Observance of Peace Day 2017 at Playground


11:45: Service-Learning at Oklahoma Centennial High School (Aaron P., Yasmin H., Sophia M.)

1:10 Activities: Happy Movie, Miller 4. Facilitator: Dr. Torres  Butterfly Garden Blue Labyrinth Self-Guided Peace Walks

2:40  Lower Division Observance of Peace Day during Chapel Time

6:00 pm UNOKC Observance of Peace Day at State Capitol Steps https://una-okc.org/

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 20: Disarmament Day


YAC armed the second grade Girl Scout Pinwheels and the PD Pinwheels
2nd Grade Girl Scout Peacemakers Troop Peace Pinwheels @ Casady Chapel on Disarmament Day

YAC Vice-President Ellison Guzzy introduced our YAC Disarmament Day speaker. The Disarmament Day Chapel speaker is Mr. Jim McPhee.  Mr. McPhee is a member of St.Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Oklahoma City.  He is an active member of their Spiritual Formation and Direction Ministry, which focuses on contemplative and meditative practices that enhance the spiritual life.  
Image result for casady labyrinth

Thursday, September 21st
Peace Day Out of Uniform Wear a Peace, Spirit, or a place you volunteered t-shirt
Peace Day Observances around Campus
Inline image 2  Inline image 3 Inline image 4

7:00 am     UD Peace Walk and Breakfast.  Walkers gather in front of Chapel by the Peace Sign. Song by Sara A.  Halo dog "Sugar" will lead the Peace Walk. Facilitated by YAC Ali A.

9:30 am     MD plants sentiments of peace by "Words Statue" before Chapel. Facilitated by Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Clay

10:00 am   MD Pinwheels for Peace at Peace Sign in front of Chapel  Facilitated by Mrs. Huber

10:30 am   PD Pinwheels Blessing and Observance at Playground facilitated by Mrs. Fowler & Mrs. Mathias 

2:40 pm     LD Observance of Peace Day facilitated by Mrs. Hazel Lopez

6:00 pm United Nations Peace Day Observance at the State Capitol Steps 
Casady Peace Pinwheels and Hearts transported to Capitol at 4:00 pm 











September 19th: Freedom Day


The Casady Orchestra (55 musicians) performed at UD Chapel on Freedom Day. Special thanks to their teachers, Mrs. Jana Heidebretch and Mr. Larry Moore for their continuous support of Peace Week observance with outstanding orchestra performances. 

At Activities Time: Casady YAC assembles the Girl Scout Peacemakers Pinwheels. 

On Freedom Day, YAC also wrote Gratitude Letters to those who served.  Some letters went to people students new personally in the different branches of government.  

YAC has a very special thank you to the following servant leaders for guarding the freedoms we enjoy: 

Air Force:  Dr. Wesley Frier (Technology Director) Father Charles Blizzard (Chaplain)

Marine Corps: Coach Marion Tolon (25 years), Dr. Eric Ebert

Police: Deputy Justin Dang

Peace Corps: Mr. Mark Delgrosso (Biology), Joe Miano (Science Retired), Ruth Miano (Math Retired)

Charles M. Howell,   veteran - Army
2933 N. W. 44th
Oklahoma City, OK  73112

George Cockrum   veteran - served in Korea
2505 Mickey
Del City, OK  73115

YAC Co-Presidents, Safra and Mariam reminded YAC that on Thursday 9/21 there is a Peace Day Out of Uniform.  Wear a Peace, Spirit or a Place where you volunteered t-shirt.  

Ali A. YAC hospitality and social media chair invited YAC to participate in the Peace Walk and Breakfast of 9/21  at 7:00 am.  Walkers meet at Chapel in front of the Peace Sign.

Montessori Children Singing Peace Around the World

Join with Montessori schools around the world to celebrate International Peace Day!

Our children will be singing "Light a Candle for Peace" this Thursday, September 21.
world kids

To know children from all over the world are singing together with the same purpose on the same day, simultaneously, is exhilarating.

Our beliefs and our actions must be more global, in spite of borders and boundaries. Let us help our children unite in striving for peace and a healthy planet.

Please forward this information to other school heads so they can share in this opportunity for their children to join in singing Light a Candle for Peace!

We look forward to hearing the beautiful sounds of children's voices in many languages rising up on September 21.

Find your time zone to know what time to sing by clicking on the register button below and scrolling to the bottom of that page.

Thank you and peace to all of you!
K.T. Korngold

Amalia Hernandez’s 100th Birthday
                Hispanic Heritage Month Observed by Google Doodle today.

The power of dance is such that it can convey an entire culture.
In 1952, Amalia Hernandez founded the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, a unique dance company whose goal was to illustrate the diversity of Mexico.
Hernandez, whose would have been 100 on Tuesday, created a dance style that stemmed from her work as a choreographer at the National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico. She combined formal training in modern dance with traditional Mexican folk dance to create a style known as baile folklorico.
In 1952, she founded the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, a dance troupe consisting of just eight members. In 1954, the troupe performed on TV and found such success that it was later featured in a weekly broadcast, choreographing a new dance each time. The group then toured North America and represented Mexico in the Pan American Games in 1959.
Hernandez died at 83 in Mexico, the country she celebrated through dance. Her dance lives on as the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, which still performs today.