The Lunch Bunch Project

Meeting Agenda
12:30-1:50 at Quail Ridge on April 25, 2018 
Participants: Tracey, Carmen, John, and Julie

New Business:  Single item meeting: Dialog of Possibilities-Youth Perspective

Lunch at Quail Ridge

-Lunch Bunch Project  Once a month, on Wednesdays, a few interested students with an adult facilitator have lunch with the residents

-In current schedule: Lunch and Activities time
Bus driver fee and lunch covered by Quail Ridge

-Individual student artistic and sports initiatives
Singing, dancing, senior/senior proms, story corps like interviews, swimming, and Wii games, painting, photography.  

-Unexpected connections:  
Meteorologist resident could meet with our meteorology teachers and students
Dress rehearsals of plays and musicals or teasers could take place at their theater.
John was asked to consider organizing senior performances after AP exams and having a senior to senior celebrations

-John's reflective thoughts forthcoming.

Meeting with John R. set as first conversation
Looking forward to having a conversation with John and seeing what ideas he can provide for a future program between our organizations.  

Quail RidgeTheater Availability
The theater at Quail Ridge is available May 4th and May 11th.  We can reschedule a movie-viewing for one of those dates, and/or talk about some other student-resident opportunities that might be fun. Tracey is looking forward to hearing what students think when some of them come to lunch, Wednesday, April 25th

Request for Volunteers
I am working with a senior citizen community here in OKC (Quail Ridge Senior Living (12401 Trail Oak Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73120) and am interested in developing a program where high school students can volunteer their time with the seniors to earn service hours. Would it be possible to set up a time for you (or the proper representative) to meet with my boss to discuss how we can partner and make that happen?
Feel free to call me at 405.286.2075
Julie Gordy, Operations Manager
Bumbershoot PR
Tracey Zeeck 405.501.2700.

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