Class of 2017-2018
The Service-Learning Program wishes to recognize and thank 3 members of the Class of 2018 who have inspired by example and have organized, taken action, and supported the Casady service club, YAC (Youth Active in the community) 
-Mariam and Safra Shakir, YAC leaders for 4 consecutive years
-Sharun Philip, Service Learning Office Intern, Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village Mentoring Program, and HALO Dogs Project

Sharun, Mariam, and Safra at YAC's booth at Walk-A-Thon

Presidential Volunteer Service Award 2018 Recognition Ceremony

YAC Co-Presidents 2018-2019
Today was the last school day of National Volunteer Week 2018.  The YAC Co-Presidents of next school year (Katherine S'19, Sahanya B.'19, and Ellison G.'19)  recognized at Upper Division Chapel this year's Presidential Service Award Winners.

"The President's Volunteer Service Award is a part of the Corporation for National and Community Service and is administered by the Points of Light Foundation.

Through a shared mission of inspiring more to answer the call to service, the President's Volunteer Service Award celebrates the impact we can all make in bettering our communities and our world. Presidential recognition sets you apart from your peers. It is a tremendous honor.
Even though you may not seek recognition, your example can deliver a powerful  
message that encourages others to take action.  

Hours are measured over a 12-month period.

YAC Co-Presidents decorated the tables for the doughnuts
appreciation before and after chapel gathering for PVSA medallists
The awards are offered in several categories " kids, teens, young adults, adults, and lifetime service achievement."    

Each award category includes bronze, silver, and gold levels.  The highest honor, the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, is for those who contribute more than 4,000 hours of service in a lifetime.

Awardees will receive a medal, a certificate, and a letter from the President of the United States at an ice cream social in their honor when the medals arrive and all members of the senior class finish documenting hours served for requirement completion."

The Medalists

The bronze medal; teens 15 or younger need a minimum of 50 hours, while young adults 16 or older must serve a minimum of 100 hours.  

Isabel Alberola, Jack Barrett, Will Bennett, Quinn Bunnag, Jackson Davis, Sophia Dystra, Charlee Enderby,  Nika Gorski,
Caroline Hawley, Adam Hughes, Alec Karam, Jillian Kim, Aurian Kutner, Cooper Lindstrom, Courtney Melton,
Isabella Moore, Margo Naifeh, Kaili Nguyen, Isabella Pardo, Sharun Philip, Aidan Raikar, Tara Ramakrishnan,Caleb Richards, Justin Schneider,
Caroline Terrell, Mason Thomas, Michael Ting, Milley VanSant, Celine Voung, Noah Youmans

The silver medal, teens 15 or younger need a minimum of 75 hours, while young adults 16 or older must serve a minimum of 175 hours.

Lucas Barrett, Hannah Jordan,, Eva Rangel, Lukas Schneider, Ellie Taylor, Grace Utz

The gold medal, teens 15 or younger need a minimum of 100 hours, while young adults 16 or older must serve a minimum of 250 hours.

Ahmed Hussan, Gabriella Karam, Zaadia Nazir, Neeley Patel, Malavika Rajaram, Katherine Schoeffler,
Brandon Trachtenberg, Doran Walters

Presidential Service Award Winners with YAC Co Presidents for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award Winners had doughnuts, water, coffee and tea in their honor after Chapel as a small token of the YAC appreciation for all the good they do for the Oklahoma and global communities in need.

Class of 2016-2017
The Service-Learning Program wishes to recognize and thank 2 members of the Class of 2017 who have inspired by example and have organized, taken action, and supported the Casady service club, YAC (Youth Active in the community) Miranda T. and Isaiah L., YAC leaders for 4 consecutive years

Congratulations, Presidential Service Awards Winners 2016-2017
Casady Presidential Service Award Winners 2016-2017Photo by Jane Derick

Presidential Volunteer Service (PSA) Awards 2016-2017
YAC leadership preparations for the Award Breakfast and recognition ceremony

Isaiah (PSA 2016), MiAngila, Safra (PSA 2016), and Mariam (PSA 2016) rehearsed the recognition ceremony after Sahanya (PSA 2017), Anna (PSA 2016, PSA 2017), Hannah, and Mrs. Clay made decisions about breakfast set-up and menu.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017  7:30-7:50 am  @   Chapel Transept
-          YAC and service-learning welcome
-          Picked up medals, certificates and have pictures taken by YAC and Miss Derrick
-          Sage Breakfast treats at Chapel Transept: Scones, bagels, fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt. Orange juice and water

 8:00-8:20 am @ Chapel  
- Senior Speech: Inspirational Violin Performance by Gold Presidential Service Award Medalist, Symon Ma

-PSA Awardees Chapel Recognition @ Chapel
shmen: Teens
Bronze   50 hours
Silver         75 hours
Gold         100 Hours
Caitrin Coppinger
Nicolas Moore
Cooper Lindstrom
Vivian Costello
Lucas Schneider
Malavika Rajaram
Parker Gwin
Olivia Uhland
Saadia Nazir
Ahmed Hussan
Caroline Terrell
Eliana Taylor
Samuel Jun
Doran Walters
John Jack Pitman
Noah Youmans
Aaron Puffenbarger

Sophomores   *2016 Teens and   2017 Young Adults

Bronze  50* 100
Silver 75* 175
Gold 100* 250
Sahanya Bhaktaram
Jaime Russell*
Ellie Guzzy *
Anna Buckley
Catherine Dube
Julia Grantham*

Kaili Nguyen
Isabel O’connor
Katherine Schoeffler
Brandon Trachtenberg

Evie Walters *
Kate Williams

Juniors   Young Adults
Bronze 100
Silver 175
Gold 250
Luke Albert
Mallory Woodruff
Zac Conner
Nell Johnson
Gabrielle Moore

Seniors   Young Adults
Bronze 100
Silver 175
Gold 250
Kaitlyn Barthell
Alexander Coleman
Ellie Dunn
Joshua Britt
Ross Harrison
Covell Lindstrom
Paris Corbertt
Symon Ma
Alden O’Connor
Muhammad  Saadah
Livy Simms
Turner Waddell

Class of 2016-2017

The Service-Learning Program recognized and thanked 3 members of the Class of 2016 who have inspired by example and have organized, taken action, and supported the Casady service club, YAC (Youth Active in the community) for the duration of their high school careers:

a. Aubrey H. & Dylan D., YAC Co-Presidents, c. Allison T., Chinese Club President and "Half the Sky, One Sky for all children" project chair, benefiting Chinese orphans.  
Noble Hours Award  1,000+ hours of service in 4 years: Aubrey H. 

“Research proves that by serving the needs of others, a person finds happiness.  Aubrey H. opened her eyes, mind, and heart to surrounding community needs and engaged in compassionate deeds; joyfully investing time to move them forward without expecting anything in return."   For her continuous acts of kindness, serving over 1,000 hours during her 4 years in high school, an equivalent of a minimum of 250 service hours per year, Aubrey is receiving the Casady Service-Learning Program, “Noble Hours Award”.  Aubrey is the second recipient of this award since the inception of the requirement starting with the Class of 2004.  

Aubrey received an engraved silver clock, which she will keep.  A solar powered spinning globe with Aubrey's name and the name of the previous award recipient, Taylor Burrow, resides at Casady School at the Headmaster's Office to inspire others to emulate her example of being an entrepreneur of hope for peace through acts of honor, kindness, compassion, and service, the Oklahoma Standard!”

Presidential Volunteer Service Award Celebration 2016

Tea Time with Service Learning was catered by Sage Dinning Team

Presidential medals, certificates, and letters from President Obama awaited for recipients.  National Volunteer Week events were planned during Classroom with a Cause and implemented in collaboration with Freshman Chair, Ellie G. and her team, Isabel A., Saheer R., Evie W. and members of the Perfect Pair Drive: Socks for the Homeless.  

The Chapel awards ceremony was facilitated on April 11 by Casady YAC officers, Grace P., Miranda T. and Cathy Z.  Mr. Josh Bottomly, Casady's College Admissions Counseling Director, was the guest speaker.  Mrs. Jane Derrick from the Marketing Department took medalists group pictures at chapel.

First "Tea Time with Service Learning" Honoring PSA winners and sharing YAC and Service Learning

Volunteers help drive our country's progress, and day in and day out, they make extraordinary sacrifices to expand promise and possibility.  During National Volunteer Week, let us shed the cynicism that says one person cannot make a difference in the lives of others by embracing each of our individual responsibilities to serve and shape a brighter future for all.


   Young Adult(16+years old): 250+ Hours in 12 months   Teens(15-years old): 100+ hours in 2 months



Agnish Chakraburtty
Cyrus Steppe
Chloe Richards
Anna Buckley

Aubrey Hermen

Gabrielle Moore,
Brandon Trachtenberg

Julian Thomason,

Mallory Woodruff
Catherine Dube

Maggie Adair

Mariam Shakir
Daniela Rodriguez-Chavez,

Nurmeen Jawaid

Max Tjauw
Hallie Reiger

Tek Kreidler

Safra Shakir
Samuel Atkinson
Kaili Nguyen

Subham Gulati
Katherine Schoeffler

Tara Ramakrishnan,
Katherine Williams

Gold Medalists


         Young Adult: 175+ Hours in 12 months                             Teens: 75+ hours in 12 months



Grace Griffin
Mackenzie Kenney
Brady Rodts
Ellison Guzzy

Philip Whitmarsh,
Kirathi Sindhwani

Natalie Hugos

Olivia Utz

Silver Medalists

Young Adult: 100+ hours in 12 months                              Teens: 50+ hours in 12 months





Allison Tien,
Carmen Sears
Caleb Richards
Claire Richardson

Avery Timberlake,
Claire Darrow,
Grace Hall
Emily Hoover

Caitlin Fuller
Dalton Bishop

Hope Bryer-Ash

Charles Colton Gelnar
Emma Richmond

Sara Anderson

Conner Coles,
Grace Pitman

Danelle Griffiths
Isaiah Levingston

Deja Kirk
Jacob Uhland

Dylan Dobson
Jonathan Lee

Emile Karam,
Joshua Britt

Emily Richards
Judy Nguyenvo

Joe Bonfiglio
Lauren Simms

John Zuk
Nicole Jia

Leighton Gelnar
Rahul Sodam

Lucas Tilghman
Turner Waddell

Lujean Abuelshar

Mackenzie Blalock

Maren Cottrell

Namir Khaliq

Neeley Russell

Rebecca Puls

Sarah Covington

Shaan Patel

Bronze Medalists


-Trustees Award-  Casady School

The Trustee's Award, a permanent trophy of the school, is established in honor of past and present Trustees in gratitude for their devoted service to Casady School.  This award is given to that student who by virtue of his or her character, loyalty, and service, has made Casady a finer school. Jessica G'15 received the 2015 Trustees Award at graduation commencement.  
Jessica received the Trustees Award during the Casady's Graduation Commencement on June 6 from the Casady Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Guy L. Patton

- Noble Hours Award- Casady Service-Learning Program

Noble Hours (1,000+ hours of service) Award Winner, Taylor B'15)
The first Noble Hours Award was delivered by Dr. Jon Powell, Casady School Principal and Mrs. Carmen Clay, Director of Service-Learning to Taylor B'15 at the Casady UD awards chapel assembly  on May 22, 2015.  The criteria for the inaugural Nobel Hours Award was set by the recipient, Taylor B.'15, who was the first Cyclone to serve over 1,000 hours in 4 years in high school, the equivalent of more than 250 hours per year.
Research proves that by serving the needs of others, a person finds happiness.  Taylor opened eyes to the surrounding needs and engaged in compassionate deeds; joyfully investing time to move them forward without expecting anything in return.   
The unexpected outcome of Taylor's compassion and altruism was the institution of the first service-learning program award in the history of the requirement, the NOBLE HOURS AWARD.  
Taylor received an engraved silver clock.  
A solar powered spinning globe with Taylor's name resideS at Casady School (currently at the Headmaster's Office) to inspire others to emulate her example of being a hope for peace through acts of kindness, compassion, and service, the Oklahoma Standard!

-Youth LEAD OKC:  -Founder Recognition-

- YMCA Youth Initiatives - Youth LEAD OKC

Delivered by Dr.Jon  Powell, UD Director and Mrs. Carmen Clay, YLOKC Mentor on behalf of Shannon Presti, YMCA Teen Initiatives Director and YLOKC, CEO

"Four years ago, as a shy freshman, Sidney J'15 eagerly accepted the task to establish a teen exploratory board to consider the need and interest of creating a unique cultural competency program for our community. 

Because of her dedication, insight and determination, Oklahoma City now has one of the only programs in the Midwest to inspire and mobilize youth leaders to reflect upon their values and beliefs, connect with others across differences, and act together to address local and global challenges.

           This unique program is called Youth LEAD (Leaders Engaging Across Differences) and literally only exists because of Sidney and three other students, Sam K.'15 (Heritage Hall), Dane N. (Douglas High School) and Sireene K. (Mercy School/Edmond Santa Fe), from across our city. 

Establishing a program based on ideas that are generated, executed and completely led by youth is a difficult task. Sidney stuck through the challenging times when it seemed like the program would remain a simple idea instead of becoming the multifaceted program that it is today. She continued to recruit other students to help launch the program when other teens dropped off from the planning team because it required a lot of time, effort and critical thinking. Her steadfast attitude even kept the adult directors motivated to see the program through during the most difficult times when it seemed we would not find local funding or support.      

After four years of hard work and commitment, Youth LEAD is now a robust program of students from many diverse Oklahoma City metro high schools, representing a multitude of races, religions, beliefs and interests. Sidney thrives in the group and gets along well with any teenager that joins. Thanks to the YLOKC founding teens caring nature and dedication to diversity, Oklahoma City has a premier cultural competency and diversity education program that will enhance youth and their ideals for generations to come."   Shannon Presti

May 2014

Senior Emily F. earns the highest Camp Fire Honor and a service scholarship from Troop 193 of $1250 from Mr. Steve Mason

The Wohelo Award is the highest honor a youth member of Camp Fire may earn.  A symbol of personal growth, it is an intensive project designed by each individual.  Horizon Youth who complete the requirements demonstrate leadership, self-confidence, respect for others, organizational skills, and the desire and ability to make a difference in the world.  Only about 200 youth in the nation earn the Wohelo Award each year.

To earn the award, Emily completed four reflections from the New Horizons high school program book and read Wohelo: The History of Camp Fire. 

The three issues of importance Emily chose for her Wohelo were:

a. Service to Camp Fire
b. Encouraging Youth in Tennis
3. Mission work through her Church Youth Group

Emily plans to attend Harding University to play tennis on scholarship and major in Kinesiology.

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April 2013

Natasha S'15, YAC spokeswoman, facilitated the President Volunteer Service Award chapel.  First, Natasha introduced the National Volunteer Week speaker, Mrs. Shannon Presti. 

Shannon is the Teen Leadership Initiatives Coordinator for the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City. She directs five programs that address the needs of helping at risk teens go to college, as well as a cultural competency program to help bring together teens from diverse backgrounds to connect with each other, reflect on their similarities and differences and act in the community to make social change.

Shannon holds bachelors degrees in Communications and Spanish from the University of Kansas and has a masters degree in Urban Education from the University of Southern California.  Shannon shared her personal volunteering experience, which turned into a career, and motivated Cyclones to find their passion to help the community.  Shannon closed her remarks with a quote by Sherry Anderson, "Volunteers are not paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless." 

Then, Natasha proceeded to facilitate the recognition of award winners.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes volunteers and service-learners who have achieved a required number of hours of service over a personal 12-month time period. Recognizing and honoring hours spent in community action sets a standard for service, encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation and inspires others to make service a central part of their lives.  Award recipients received pins and took a group picture by Mrs. Betty Jane Garrett.  After the chapel service, award receipients collected their certificates and letters from the President from the Wing Student Center. 

Father Blizzard and Mrs. Clay delivered the Presidential bronze pins. The bronze pins recognize students 14 years old or younger who have volunteered  for 50 to 74 hours and Young Adults, 15 to 21 years old, who volunteered for 100 to 174 hours.

  1. Seondre Carolina
  2. Gavin Cornelius
  3. Mary Caitlin Costello
  4. Lillian Crandall
  5. Trainor Crossno
  6. Anoop D'Souza
  7. Myria Davis
  8. Casey Denny
  9. Kate Ellis
  10. Thomas Fleming*
  11. Katie Hanstein
  12. Will Harvey
  13. Tomas Holy
  14. Jennifer Isaacs
  15. Michael Andrew Johnson
  16. Sidney Jones
  17. Ann Joullian
  18. Yogaish Khastgir
  19. Isaiah Levingston
  20. Christine Luk
  21. Shaan Patel
  22. Emily Richards
  23. Jordan Richards
  24. Natalie Robinson
  25. Avery Timberlake
  26. T'Quan Wallace
  27. Grace Williams

Coach T. delivered the Presidential Silver Pins. The Silver Pins recognize 14 years old or younger volunteers who have served 75-99 hours or Young adults, 15- 21 years old who have volunteer for 175 to 249 hours.

  1. Kaitlyn Barthell
  2. Maren Cottrell
  3. Jessica Greene
  4. Aubrey Hermen
  5. Jordan Richardson
  6. Samuel Smith
  7. Richard Throgmorthon

Dr. Philipson delivered the Presidential Gold Pins.  The Gold Pins celebrate youth 14 years old or younger who have served 100 hours  or more and Young Adults 15- 21 years old who have contributed 250 hours or more

  1. Taylor Burrow
  2. Emily Faulkner*
  3. Noah Hassoun
  4. Tristan Norred
  5. Sindi Peza*
  6. Rhonda Sutor
  7. Abigail Utz
  8. Alexander Weddington

 Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to Natasha, Shannon, Father Blizzard, Coach T. Dr. Philipson and Mrs. Betty Jane Garrett for their help.


July 2013

Jessica Greene: ICS Teen Volunteer of the Year

The Infant Crisis Center recently named Casady School rising junior Jessica Green as the organization’s “Teen of the Year."

The award is given to a teen between the ages of 13-19 who has given a significant contribution of time and effort to Infant Crisis Services and its mission.

Infant Crisis Services Teen Volunteer Award

Jessica Greene is such an amazing young lady. She has volunteered in the Summer Teen Program at infant Crisis Services for two years rocking babies in the playroom and assisting in the HUB stocking formula and diapers. She has also served two years on the Teen Board. She is a fearless leader and committed to Infant Crisis Services. She is unafraid of responsibility and took her job as the Treasurer and Chair for the donations committee  very seriously. She kept the donations from our teen board of 36 members, who all had to secure at least 6 auction items a piece, on track and organized. She especially made my job easier by her work ethic and commitment and follow through with her responsibilities on the Teen Board. Jessica also is a mentor to new members of the teen board so they feel connected when they are invited to join our board. She has single handedly secured more than $8,000 in sponsorships and thousands of dollars in goods to be auctioned off at the Teen Associate Board charity auction and dinner which yielded more than $75,000 this year that will ultimately feed and diaper needy babies in her community. She leads by example. I am so proud of this young lady and her leadership. This is a young woman to watch. I expect to see great things from her! Excellent Work Jessica!
Beth Lykins
Director of Volunteer Programs
Infant Crisis Services, Inc.



2013 Center of Ethical and Spiritual Education award on the theme "Outstanding Service in the curriculum", 2nd place, Casady School  Casady has impressive initiatives like The Blue Thumb Project, in which science students monitor water quality and affected habitat in a local stream..." said officials from Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education. "The Fair Trade Chocolate Project in the lower school teaches students about social justice and environmental stewardship, as they sell fair-trade chocolate and donate the proceeds to charity...This project and others at Casady are great examples of service through cross-discipline collaboration."  Full program reflection @

World Neighbors Dignity Award: SOW LOVE Project'2012, building schools in Zambia 

Relay for Life Awards:  Cancer awareness and fundraiser
-Top Newcomer of the year 2010: Teen-led Relay for Life
-Top fundraiser in its category 2011: Intergenerational-led Relay for Life 

Do and Foot Locker
Scholar Athlete: Student awarded $20,000 for college of choice and a donation to project:  Knitting for Troops'2011

National Association of Fundraising Professionals, Oklahoma Chapter 

-Philanthropy Award:  Kids Making a Difference  SOW LOVE Project'2011: Building schools in Zambia

-Project Fallumichechi'2005:  Choctaw Nation Domestic Violence Prevention

Gloria Baron Prize Award 
Project Fallumichechi'2006: Prevention of Domestic Violence in the Choctaw Nation

Prudential Spirit of Community Award 
SOS: Prevention of Teen Suicide Project'2004

Rebuilding Together Hammer Award:   
- Refurbishing 4 consecutive homes of elderly handicapped Oklahomans in four years (2002-2005)

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